The 3-Phase Process:


Onboarding and store configuration.
We guarantee your Amazon and or Shopify business will be set up properly and ready to be fully automated. We also facilitate and establish the contracts with brands — small and large —  to ensure stores and needed inventory is set up as per the onboarding process. This is the first and most important step of the process. This is where we gather all the necessary information in order to begin the process of your ecommerce journey. All this is done with our Amazon or Shopify Director via a zoom or phone call

Full-Time Management

Our motivated, highly dedicated team of e-com experts are standing by to take your Amazon store to the next level. We manage the products, inventory, sales, and customer service for our clients.


We start Listing Products and or Building your online retail store.
This is where we begin to get all the products we want to list on amazon or in you shopify store. We have a proprietary system in how we choose the best products with the highest margins. From here we can begin to film ads if we are advertising on social media or we can reach out to our suppliers if we will be listing on amazon to sell.


You start selling and receiving updated reports.
This is the final step in the process. This is done after phase 1 and 2 are completed. Once all the items are listed on amazon and or shopify.
1. With shopify once all the ads are done being filmed we then begin to set up our marketing campaigns on the various social media ad platforms. Onces ads are approved and live sales will begin to generate. Then we will start to dial in the ads and start to scale and constantly watch and manage the marketing campaign.
2. With amazon once we've completed and got all the supplier information and or shipped the products from the supplier to amazon directly, Your listings will then be live on amazon and customers will start seeing items you're selling with our organic marketing methods we use.

Once all phases are complete your Ecommerce Store(s) are now live and generating income. Keep in mind that the ecommerce industry is always changing and we are constantly updating our marketing methods to be inline with current algorithm changes and trends which also include policy changes.

Generate Revenue

Now part of  the reason so many clients choose Ecommerce Marketing Agency Ecom. The passive income. This is exactly what our team does so well for so many clients while targeting 15%-45% profit margins.